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Decorating with Seashells

There are so many creative ways to decorate with seashells! Bring a fun coastal vibe into your home with these easy ways to use seashells in your home décor!

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You can bring a beachy vibe into your home easily with seashells. They are natural and fun and there are hundreds of different types so you have lots of options!

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Types of seashells to decorate with

Some shells will match your decor better than others. Some may have more sentimental value to you. You may like the shape of one shell more than another. I prefer to have several types of shells on display in my home. Here are a few suggestions.

starfish or seastars – there are many types of starfish in all sizes

conchs or whelks – these are the large shells you put to your ear to hear the ocean.

limpet shells – these small shells are a beautiful teal color

sand dollar/sand biscuits – you know these are my favorite!

oyster shells– enjoy a delicious snack and keep the shells for decorating!

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Where to find seashells

  • the beach (of course)
  • treasure shops in beach towns- most antique and thrift stores around here will have at least a few jars of shells every time I go.
  • Etsy
  • friends and family- let people know you’re looking for shells, they may surprise you with some beauties!
  • Amazon
seashell photo frame

How to Decorate with Seashells

  1. Craft a special memento to remind you of a special time at the beach. This is especially fun with kids! You can see our photo frame in our mudroom here.
  2. Fill a large container with shells of the same type and size like the dough bowl I used in our coastal living room and the Ball jar I filled with small sand dollars in our laundry closet.
  3. Set large shells on a tray or table as part of a vignette.
  4. Add a starfish on a piece of ribbon to a pillar candle.
  5. Plant plants in a large conch shell (tutorial here).
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What to do with lots of seashells

Shells on the beach are irresistible and every beach lover I know has more shells than they know what to do with! If you have a large (and growing!) collection of shells, here are a few suggestions-

  • Put a galvanized tub on your porch to place shells in as you come home from the beach. Every once in a while, take a few minutes to enjoy going through them, admiring each one’s uniqueness.
  • Create a mosaic with shells. These wooden shapes are so cute covered in different shaped seashells.
  • Make holiday ornaments with oyster shells or sand dollars.
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Everybody needs a seashell in her bathroom to remind her the ocean is her home

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There are so many amazing ways to incorporate shells into your home decor. What is your favorite way?

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