Pergola Decorating for Spring

Decorating your outdoor spaces for spring helps excite you about the warm fun days ahead. Learn the five things needed to decorate your pergola or porch for spring.

pergola decorated for spring

Today is the first day of Celebrate Spring Blog Hop! Your favorite bloggers are sharing gorgeous spring decorating ideas all week long, starting with porches today. Be sure to visit all the blogs at the end of this post. If you are visiting from 2 Bees in a Pod, welcome! I love that cute little door basket!

Decorating a porch or pergola is so fun. You can use brighter colors and different fabrics than you use indoors. Outdoor space decorating tends to be more casual and comfortable too, which is probably why I enjoy it so much, I am into casual and comfortable.

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yellow daffodils in white creamer
outdoor pergola

How to decorate a pergola for spring

I am showing my pergola decorated for spring but of course, these tips can be used to decorate any outdoor space like a patio, porch, or screen room as well.

Outdoor furniture

We scored this cute faux wicker set on fb marketplace for a good price last summer. We try to buy used items as often as possible because it’s easy on the budget and it’s environmentally friendly, both of which are important to us.

pergola decorated for spring

Here are a few new options in case you can’t find a used set (it can be difficult this time of year).

This set is similar to ours

I absolutely LOVE the look of THIS SET

This set has swivel chairs and that green is so pretty for spring.

I like the big comfy cushions on this Northport Outdoor Furniture Set

If you plan to dine on your pergola, this dining set would be perfect!

Pillows made with outdoor fabric

Outdoor pillows not only help make your space comfy but are also a great way to add colors and patterns. When choosing pillows for your outdoor area make sure they’re made from outdoor fabric or they won’t last.

When my outdoor pillows start to look a little grungy I pressure wash them and they look new again. Alternately, you could spray your pillows with a fabric protector to help them last outdoors.

Reversible pillows like this Mint Gray reversible pillow are a great way to spend less. You get two looks for one price.

This Patterned Reversible pillow may be my favorite outdoor pillow of all time I love both sides of this reversible pillow.

This pretty Blue Threshold pillow is perfect for pergola or porch decorating all year long.

I love the hydrangeas on these Spring Blossoms Pillows

This handmade pink floral pillow is great for spring decor indoors or outdoors.

Flowers for Spring Decorating

No pergola or porch decorating for spring would be complete without flowers and plants!

I like to decorate with picked flowers in a vase and also spring potted plants.

yellow daffodils in white creamer

Some spring flowers for vases (or cute creamers like this one I bought from Emery Merchantile) are

  • daffodils
  • tulips
  • hyacinths
  • primrose (I used these on my spring porch here)
  • forsythia (as seen in my spring decor here)
  • crocuses
bumblebee in daffodil
bumble bee butt!

For potted plants, a good rule of thumb is if the garden centers in your area have them out for sale it’s probably safe for them to be outside without the risk of them getting too cold. If there happens to be a surprise cold night it’s easy to bring them inside.

pink and white flowers in pot

This year to decorate our pergola for spring, I used dark pink snapdragons, pink and white geraniums and white lobularia . I also added a little air plant in a seashell for a coastal touch.


We love relaxing in our pergola area in the evening. We usually have some sort of game going on. Small games that can be tucked away work best for your pergola/porch area. This little aqua and blue beads that we use to play checkers double as cute decor.

daffodils in vase

Here are a few more we like to play on our porch

Comfy throw blankets

When decorating your pergola for spring, don’t forget the evenings can be chilly and you may want a soft and pretty throw blanket to keep you warm.

outdoor pillow and throw

This pretty plaid throw was a Kirkland’s find but they are sold out. This plaid Navy Plaid Chenille Throw is similar.

This Threshold Cotton Blanket would be perfect for a spring porch.

I like how versatile this nice Blue White Border Throw is.

I adore anything linen and this handmade Stone Washed Linen Throw is so pretty!

Another comfy handmade option is this Chunky Knit Blanket.

pink and white geraniums

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Up next on the Celebrate Spring Blog Hop is my friend, Julie from My Wee Abode. You’ll love the way she decorated her cute patio!
Be sure to check out all the porch inspiration today and check back all week for the rest of the spring decorating ideas including mantels, entryways, DIY ideas and tablescapes.

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  1. What a beautiful outdoor oasis you have created! You have so many great ideas here, Leen. I love the pillows and throws. It looks so comfortable and welcoming. The weather is just starting to warm up here in Connecticut and I am inspired to think about outdoor decorating. Happy Spring, my friend!

  2. You have thought of everything. I am so glad you shared linked to all of your throws and pillows. Thanks for everything and all of your creative ideas! Happy Spring, my friend.

  3. I love all the flowers, the pillows and throw blankets. And what a score to find a beautiful outdoor set that is in used good condition.

  4. Leen you have created the perfect spot to hang out during the warmer months. It looks so comfy and inviting, think I need to come over for a visit and hang out. I am also sessed with those blue and white outdoor pillows. Thank you so much for putting together the Celebrate Spring blog hop. Happy Spring.

  5. I am visiting from Postcards from the Ridge for the first time. I love how your place looks so happy. A comfy spot for great conversation and laughs, a glass of sweet tea and a piece of pie. So fun! Enjoy it and Happy Spring!

  6. Leen, how smart to buy yes patio furniture. It’s usually so expensive. Love all your pretty outdoor pillows. They would work well anywhere. Thank you o much for hosting these great ideas for spring.

    1. It’s definitely worth a look around to see if you can find a nice used set before buying new. Ours was previously used in a sunroom so it was like brand new!

    1. Leen you shared so many great ideas! I especially loved the double sided pillows. Anything double sided has my vote! Your flowers are making me long for flowers outside…we still have a bit of time to wait here in Colorado though. Thanks for hosting this hop!

  7. Leen, your pergola looks so inviting! All of the flowers and unique touches really make it so welcoming. It looks like the prefect space to sit and read, or browse blogs. Thank you so much for hosting this fun hop. Happy Spring!

    1. It is the perfect relaxing spot. When the newest PB catalog comes in the mail my family knows right where to find me!

  8. I love these ideas, Leen! I’ve been eyeing that sectional dining set for a year and may finally have to bite the bullet and get one! And your flowers are the perfect touch of Spring. Lovely as always, my friend!

  9. So many great elements for an outdoor space! Love me a white pitcher with flowers! so fun to be hopping with you! pinned!

    1. Thanks Angie! One reason I keep game stashes in our relaxing spots is to keep JC still for a few minutes. He’s always on the go but will usually sit and play a game of Yahtzee before he’s off and running again.

  10. Your pergola looks like a perfect place to relax and enjoy warm weather. It’s wonderful that annuals are already available to purchase in your area. Pansies are the only thing that I saw for sale this weekend when I was out and about. I’m eager to refresh our patio and deck for spring once I can buy the plants. Your wicker furniture set was a great FB score. Enjoy your beautiful outdoor space this spring!

  11. So many great ideas here Leen. The weather in PA is just starting to warm up so I need to start thinking about our porch. It’s in desperate need of an update so I really appreciate your tips and suggestions.

    1. You definitely need a pergola. Ours was our spring project last year (tutorial coming soon).
      lol, that little bumble bee butt cracks me up. Those daffs were only there for about a minute before he came along.

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