Kitchen Open Shelving

I am loving our new kitchen open shelving!

Since we installed the new french doors in the dining area, the space between them and the kitchen cabinets looked so bare and empty.
It took some convincing but I finally talked James into placing open shelves in that space for our Pottery Barn dishes and platters that are too pretty to be stashed in a cupboard.
It makes me so happy to see all our nice things out in plain view.
I am looking forward to changing up our open kitchen shelving with the seasons.
Right now though the shelves are full of our most used kitchen items plus a few extras.
I added some mercury glass and our bright turquoise glasses to bring a little pop to the shelves.
I love all the aqua, white and tan but every once in a while it needs a little something extra.
kitchen shelving in coastal cottage
In the foreground you can see our new hanging light over the island.
We picked it up at Home Depot pretty inexpensive and spray painted it to match well…everything in our house (and my shoes, and my toothbrush, and my sunglasses…what I can say I love aqua!)  The new light compliments the accessories on the shelving nicely and it makes such a difference to have bright lighting to work by on the island.
There’s still so much to do in our tiny kitchen but these little inexpensive touches go a long way to helping me live with it until we can get to the big $$$ items like new flooring, cabinets, appliances and counter tops.

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    1. Thanks Brittany! We’ve lived here ten years now and have redone almost every room so I will have lots to show you soon!

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