blue hydrangea flower

Spring Gardening Coastal North Carolina

Spring has sprung here in Coastal North Carolina!
 I love Spring Gardening in Coastal North Carolina
tickseed flower in spring
James and I like to start our morning with a stroll (with coffee, of course!) to survey our kingdom (no reason we can’t call a half acre in a subdivision our kingdom, right?)  Plants grow so fast here in North Carolina that you can literally see a difference from day to day.  This morning our yard kingdom was particularly beautiful. The sun was just coming up and shining through the leaves of the trees that surround our home.  There was a heavy dew last night so everything was glistening and sparkly, (and you know how much I adore sparkly!) so I ran in and grabbed my camera so I could share with you.   Feel free to pretend you are strolling the kingdom with me as you scroll through these pics 🙂
white flower Spring
We always start in the flower garden because it’s my favorite spot.
yellow lantana flowers
blue hydrangea flower

After the flower garden, we mosey on over to the pear tree and make sure the *%^#@! squirrels haven’t robbed us of our pears like they did our strawberries.

Spring pear tree in coastal NC

Then we head over to the vegetable garden.  I love having a veggie garden.  Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is better than fresh picked tomatoes and basil. 

pea flowers


bean flower



purple bean flower Spring


Speaking of tomatoes we have over 50 tomato plants this year. 

The boys and I decided to plant them from seed this year and let me tell you, a packet of tomato seeds go a long, long, long way!  Two packets of tomato seeds goes even longer.

We had so many tomato plants even after giving many of them away to anyone who would take them that we planted them in our landscaping!

I hope you enjoyed your tour through our kingdom.  Next time I will show you the herbs and potted plants on the back deck.So, tell me, what’s growing in your yard?

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