Coastal Chandeliers- A Round Up of My Favorites

Have you been searching for the perfect coastal chandelier?  Coastal chandeliers are so trendy right now and I have rounded up my favorites for you!

We’ve gotten so many comments about our sea glass chandelier in our Coastal Bathroom Remodel, so I rounded up a few of my favorite coastal chandeliers including the one we ended up choosing.

coastal bathroom with sea glass chandelier

Types of Coastal Chandeliers

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You know that I am a fan of “you be you” so this is a list of things that I think make a chandelier more coastal than not.  If your coastal style leans a different direction, go for it! 

When looking for beachy lighting, I look for the following features-

  1. Seaglass– faux or real seaglass adds a pretty beachy touch to anything but especially to lighting options.  We decided on a seaglass chandelier for our bathroom and I have no regrets!
  2. Driftwood– Most natural elements can convey a coastal feel including wood, especially driftwood or a driftwood look.  This adds a bit of farmhouse style as well and really, what is better than coastal farmhouse style?  Nothing, my friend, nothing is better than coastal farmhouse style!  Except maybe chocolate.
  3. Shells– This option may be over the top for some of you all.  If you’re looking for a subtle hint of coastal in your chandelier, this may not be the option for you.  But what a great statement piece an oyster shell chandelier makes! 
  4. Rope or Seagrass– Any type of rope or seagrass in a natural color (or white) is so coastal and perfect for a chandelier.  The entire chandelier can be covered in jute or just some accent parts.
coastal chandelier options

Sea Glass Chandeliers

Sea glass is one of my very favorite things to collect.  If you’ve been around here, you’ve seen our large growing collection of sea glass we’ve found on the beach.  It moves from room to room because it’s one of my favorite things to decorate with.   Even faux sea glass is beautiful!  With soft frosty edges and amazing colors sea glass is perfect for coastal lighting.

seaglass chandeliers

1- Kichler Kona Cay Pendant Light    2- Platead Chandelier

3- Seychelles Chandelier  4- Handmade Seaglass Chandelier

Driftwood Chandeliers

With varying shades of wood tones from white-greys to medium browns, these driftwood lights are a subtle way to add a beachy feel to your room.  

driftwood chandeliers

5- Beverly White Wood Chandelier   6- Talo Driftwood Chandelier

7- Driftwood Ball Pendant   8- Westbury Driftwood Pendant

Sea Shell Coastal Chandeliers

I love the sound that hanging shells make in the breeze.  I even put a fan in our home office to make the capiz lamp in there blow around a bit.  Three of these four lighting options include oyster shells and capiz shells to create gorgeous lights.   The third one is made from coconut shells but it’s so pretty and coastal I had to include it!

chandeliers made from seashells

9- Elight Capiz Shell Chandelier   10- Stillwater Chandelier

11- Caye Coconut Chandelier   12- Oversize Capiz Chandelier

Rope/Seagrass Chandeliers

Rope always reminds me of coastal decor, especially jute and rattan.  We have jute all over our home and I would love to include rope lighting, maybe in our kitchen remodel that we’re planning.  These four rope/sea grass lights are casually coastal and so pretty.

rope chandeliers

13- Rope Glass Sphere Chandelier    14- Charlotte Pendant Light

15- Kathy Kuo Jute Chandelier    16- Seagrass Print Pendant

Do you have a favorite beachy chandelier?  Tell me in the comments which you love the best!

coastal chandeliers


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  1. Oh, I LOVE these chandeliers! Saw your post on IG and came on over, Leen! Great choices… I love the seaglass ones, and the one you chose for your bathroom is so pretty!

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