Easy to Follow Burlap Rose Tutorial

Burlap Rose Tutorial for Autumn Wreaths and More!

We’ve put together a fun Burlap Rose Tutorial for you! 

Wanna know how to make burlap roses?  You know you do!

You can use these burlap roses for bouquets, centerpieces and flower arrangements, wreaths, just about anything!   Use different fabrics for a completely different look!
Before you start here’s a list of items you will need
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1. Fabric(s) of your choice
4. Grapevine Wreath (if you’re making a wreath)
 burlap rose tutorial
burlap rose wreath
diy burlap roses
Before you watch the tutorial video, there are a few things you should know.
1. I don’t sound like a man in real life.
2. James hasn’t been that quiet for 7 minutes ever.
3. It’s our first tutorial video, the lighting stinks, I repeat myself several times, and it’s pretty long.
That being said…. here’s how you make burlap (and dropcloth, organza, corduroy and every other fabric I could get my hands on) roses 🙂


And that is our burlap rose tutorial!  What kind of roses are you going to make?





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  1. You’re a natural…You did a great job on your video! Thank you for sharing, I love the fabric roses. Actually I’d like to see another video on making the whole wreath, hint-hint. ?

  2. I also love this video.
    I ordered house numbers from you a couple of years ago, they are still on great shape!
    Yes, these roses look so fun!!! (:

    1. Thanks MaryJean! these roses are fun to make. I have extras every time I make them because I just can’t stop 🙂
      Glad you love your decals 🙂

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