fall flower arrangement

Early Fall Flower Arrangement

Flowers are the best way to bring early fall indoors.  Learn how to create a beautiful early fall flower arrangement with this step by step tutorial.

I love how flowers express the season we’re in so I created this pretty flower bouquet with a hint of fall.
This post is part of the Early Fall Decor Inspiration Tour hosted by my friend, Pasha of Pasha is Home.
Did you see Pasha’s post about decorating with faux flower stems?  She has so many great ideas!
Speaking of great ideas, be sure to check out all the participants at the end of this post for lots of early fall decorating ideas!

Now, on to the tutorial!
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Early Fall Flower Arrangement Supplies

To create an early fall flower arrangement you’ll need-

  • Vase with clean water
  • Flower Food
  • Floral Snips
  • Ribbon
  • Flowers (of course)- If possible, use flowers growing in your yard or find a friend that likes to share her flowers.  If you are purchasing flowers to create your fall arrangment, please consider reaching out to a local flower farmer.  80% of the flowers sold in the US are imported from South America.  I won’t get on my soapbox today but Jenni Love from Love n Fresh Flowers has a very informative post about it.

Always start with fresh flowers that have been snipped at the bottom and have the lower 2/3 of leaves removed.  I used the following flowers in my arrangement, Tangerine Dream Dahlias, Rubeckia Triloba, Euonymus, Privet, Zinnias, Celosia and Basil.

How To Create Flower Arrangement

This tutorial is just one of many ways to build a flower arrangement, feel free to make yours any way you like.

For my fall flower arrangement, I used 6 components, most in early fall tones.

  1.  Greenery (privet and euonymus)
  2. Focal Flowers (dahlias)
  3. Spike Accent Flowers (celosia)
  4. Disc Accent Flowers (zinnias)
  5. Filler Flowers (rubeckia)
  6. Collar Flowers (basil)
cutting flower stem for fall flower arrangement

As your building your bouquet, use your snips to shorten any stems that need it.

First, place the greenery stems in the vase at different angles.  This gives you a frame to thread the other stems through.

Next place your filler flowers.  They should fill out a lot of the space.  

After your filler flowers are in, start adding your disc accent flowers. I started with pink and salmon zinnias then added smaller Queen Lime Orange and Queen Lemon Peach zinnias.

Then add your spike flowers. I used several types of celosia including Terra Cotta and Texas Plume Celosia.
At this stage, I add my focal flowers. If you add them too soon they get lost.
Lastly, I add my collars. I placed the dark opal basil around the edge of the arrangement, kind of like a collar to hug everything together.

After the focal flowers and collar stems were put in place, I moved some things around until it was just what I was after, Then I tied a piece of ribbon around the vase and called it done!

early fall flower arrangement
tutorial for making an early fall flower arrangment

I hope this post has inspired you to create your own early fall flower arrangement!
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  1. These flowers look so gorgeous together. The peachy tones pair so beautifully with the other flowers. I need to grow more of these flowers in my garden.

  2. Your bouquet is so pretty, Leen. I love the combination of colors. Perfect for fall. I pinned this to my gardening board on Pinterest. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love, love, love your pretty flower arrangement. I also adore your choice of flowers. Such a beautiful bouquet that truly says fall.

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