Bathroom Closest Remodel Week 4

It’s week 4 of the $100 Room Challenge hosted by Erin at Lemons, Lavender and Laundry Did you notice that I skipped week 3? We were enjoying a family vacation in the mountains last week so there was no progress to share. Hopefully, the week off doesn’t affect our completion date; we are a bit behind!

Closet Remodel Progress So Far

  • Removed existing shelving
  • Removed closet door and frame
  • Added drywall to hide the heating vent
  • Built the outside of the shelving unit
No more heating duct!

Building the shelving unit

We decided to build the shelving unit outside for a couple reasons. One, it’s gorgeous outside! We have the perfect fall weather going on now, 70s and sunny! Two, the closet area is so small and in a corner of the bathroom so there’s not much room to work in there.

We used plywood for the outside of the shelving unit. Remember, this is a $100 room challenge. I am so impressed with people who can remodel an entire room for $100! I am struggling to keep this little closet redo in budget!

First, we cut the plywood to the size we needed for the two sides and back of the shelving unit.
Then, we clamped the three pieces together and used wood glue and nails to hold the sides to the back.
Next, we attached the top and bottom of the piece. It looked like a wooden box basically.
At this point, I had planned on painting it but JC was suggested we make sure it fits in the closet before painting and adding the shelves. Luckily, it fits perfect.

The Next Steps in Our Closet Remodel

  • paint the inside of the shelving piece
  • stain and add the shelves
  • paint and shiplap the outside wall to match the rest of the bathroom
  • add trim to the outside to match the laundry area trim
  • add accessories and baskets

Wow, that seems like a lot to get done in less than a week! Fingers crossed we can do it! In the meantime, check out how all the other particpants in the $100 Room Challenge are doing.

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